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As a top choice for hot water systems in Adelaide, HotwaterTek has extensive experience with all Hot Water Systems including Gas, Electric, Heat Pumps and Solar hot water units.



We understand just how disruptive and frustrating it is when your hot water system fails. We know how much you rely on having readily available hot water for daily activities like showering, doing laundry, and washing dishes. That's why our team of licensed and experienced technicians make it a priority to provide a prompt and reliable service for you in Adelaide can count on.



All our staff are not only professionally trained but also friendly, punctual, and transparent about costs. Our Adelaide team of Hot Water experts are known for their technical skills and their honest, helpful approach.



With Hotwatertek, you can have confidence knowing your hot water needs are handled by competent, customer-focused professionals. We aim to make each service call as efficient and hassle-free as possible so you can get your hot water running again with minimal disruption to your regular routine

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Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water Systems

If you’re contemplating a switch to a gas hot water system, our team of licensed and professional plumbers is ready to discuss the best options available for you. We’re here to equip you with all the necessary information, ensuring you select a system that will efficiently serve your home for the foreseeable future. Following a detailed inspection of your premises, we’ll suggest the ideal gas-boosted hot water system that aligns with your specific household requirements, guaranteeing a customized service for your unique needs.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems store water in a tank heated by electricity so that it’s ready for you to use. An electric hot water system provides full pressure to multiple outlets and depending on the unit, they can service as many taps, hoses and showers as you need – no more low pressure showers under a drizzling showerhead! Usually the most inexpensive option depending on electricity rates, we have an electric water heater that fits every budget and home.

Instant Hot Water Systems

Instant or continuous flow hot water systems in Australia provide hot water as needed, eliminating the need for a storage tank. These systems heat water instantly, ensuring a consistent supply for your household. Ideal for homes with high hot water demand, they offer a space-saving solution, perfect for smaller areas. These systems are not only compact but also energy-efficient, heating water on demand and potentially lowering electricity costs.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Since Australia is a particularly sunny country, why not use a solar hot water system to power your water heating? Solar hot water systems work by circulating water through a series of panels, which are positioned to gain maximum sun exposure (usually situated on a roof). Solar hot water systems are quite versatile and very energy efficient as they’re used in conjunction with electricity or gas to maintain your supply when there is a lack of sun. 

Storage Hot Water Systems

A storage heater is a tank that heats the water inside, and then distributes this hot water on demand when you need it. Storage heaters are available in many sizes, normally ranging from 50 to 300 litres. There are also different types – so you can have a storage heater that runs on electricity, gas, solar, or a combination of these. Storage heaters are available in both internal and external models.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are a more efficient form of renewable energy that can use up to two-thirds less electricity, when compared with electric hot water heaters. Heat pumps extract heat from the surroundings and, through a process of compressing and condensing, raises the temperature to a point where it can be used to heat water in a tank. Putting it plainly, the process is like ‘reverse refrigeration’.

Hot Water System Brands We Supply & Install

When it Comes to Hot Water, Don't Get Left Out in the Cold - Call HotwaterTek!

As a family-owned and operated business, we care about serving our local Adelaide community. We understand how essential it is to have functional hot water in your home or business and aim to deliver the highest quality service. When your hot water stops working, you can count on our technicians to respond promptly and have your system up and running again in no time.

We take pride in the relationships we build with customers by offering exceptional care, transparency about costs, and dedication to getting the job done right. Our exceptional track record has earned us many loyal repeat clients as well as glowing word-of-mouth referrals. If you’re looking for a hot water specialist that Adelaide locals choose and trust, look no further than Hotwatertek.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please turn your water, gas and power off to your hot water service and contact HotwaterTek on 8123 3535.

Electric hot water system prices start from $400 for a small 25L system and go up to several thousand for a large hot water boiler.

Gas hot water services start at around $700 depending on brand, size and type of hot water system i.e storage tank or gas instantaneous.

Solar hot water system start from $3000 but the government rebates will help to reduce the price.

Heat pump hot water system start from $2000 with available government rebates.

Typically a normal size household of 3-5 people would need a system which is at least 250L.

A gas instantaneous system usually has a 6 to 7 star rating but solar gas boosted systems and heat pumps are the most efficient hot water services available.

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