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Gas hot water systems are an integral part of many South Australian homes, providing a reliable source of affordable hot water for everyday use.

In order to utilise gas hot water in your home you must be connected to a natural gas mains supply pipeline. Alternatively, some gas hot water system models can be used with LPG gas cylinders.

Gas hot water systems function by using gas to heat water either in a storage tank or instantaneously as it flows through the system. The choice between these two types often depends on the household’s hot water demand, available space, and preference for energy efficiency.

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At HotwaterTek Adelaide, we are experts in supplying and installing efficient gas hot water systems.

Gas offers a cost-effective and reliable source to heat water for your home. We provide both gas storage tanks and instantaneous tankless systems from leading brands.

Storage Gas Hot Water Systems

A gas hot water system with a storage tank operates by burning gas, to heat the water inside the tank to the desired temperature. Usually, the storage tank will have a thermostat which tells the system to heat water in the tank if the temperature drops to a certain point. The gas burner will activate as needed to maintain the temperature of the stored water.

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

A gas-powered continuous flow or instantaneous hot water system works by using a burner to heat water as it passes through copper coils. Unlike storage tanks, this type of hot water system does not store water but heats the water on demand. Instant hot water systems work efficiently and only produce hot water when it is needed, such as when you turn on your shower. The benefit is you would never run out of hot water. 

Benefits of Gas Hot Water Systems: Why Choose Them?

Gas hot water systems are known for their efficiency and reliability, often providing hot water faster than electric systems. They are also less affected by weather conditions than solar, making them an excellent choice for Adelaide homes. Additionally, gas systems may be more cost-effective in the long run due to lower operating costs compared to electric options and also producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions. With the right maintenance, gas hot water systems can also have an excellent lifespan, providing great value for money and energy savings over time.

Comparing Gas Storage Systems vs. Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

When it comes to choosing a gas hot water system, you have two main options: storage and instantaneous.

The most popular choice is the tankless heating system, also known as instantaneous or continuous flow systems; these heaters are preferred because they take up minimal space and tend to be cost-effective and more efficient compared to the storage tank. The instantaneous system only heats water when it is needed, saving energy and ensuring a constant supply of hot water. Storage systems heat and store hot water in a tank for use when needed but energy gets wasted to keep the water at a certain temperature. You can also run out of hot water if you use more hot water as stored in the tank.

Gas Storage Hot Water System Brands we Supply & Install

Gas storage heaters are suitable for most homes and available in a range of tank sizes. We can help select the right capacity based on your household usage. A gas storage hot water system will provide reliable hot water for many years.

Trusted brands we install include:

Continuous Flow / Instantaneous Brands we Supply & Install

Tankless gas systems are the perfect solution for any household with small to large hot water needs. The compact design provides the perfect solution if you have limited space available at your property.

Installation & Maintenance Tips for Gas Hot Water Systems

Proper installation and maintenance are key to ensuring the efficiency and longevity of gas hot water systems. It’s recommended to have a HotwaterTek technician install the system to ensure it meets safety standards and operates optimally. Regular maintenance, including checking for leaks and flushing the system as well as valve replacements every 3-5 years, can help prevent issues and increase the system’s lifespan.

In Adelaide, it’s recommended to have your system serviced by a professional at least once every three years.

What is the Right Gas Hot Water System for Your Adelaide Home

Choosing the right gas hot water system for your home involves considering several factors. These include your household’s hot water demand, available space for installation, budget, and preference for energy efficiency.

Instantaneous Gas or Gas Storage Tank

Gas hot water systems, particularly instantaneous ones, can offer greater efficiency compared to gas storage tank systems. Additionally, they require less space, making them a suitable option for those with limited room. However, it's important to note that instant gas hot water systems may provide lower water pressure, which may not be ideal for supplying multiple bathrooms simultaneously.

Size and Storage Capacity

When considering a gas hot water system, it's important to determine the amount of water you will need in your home. Typically, a household requires approximately 50l of water per person per day, with additional water needed for days when you use a dishwasher or washing machine. To find the most suitable tank or gas instantaneous size for your needs, contact our HotwaterTek team. We are happy to provide you with the best options


Gas hot water is generally cheaper and more efficient than an electric hot water system. Most tankless gas heaters are rated with a minimum of 6 stars depending on type and model. If you have gas at your property a gas hot water system or a hot water system with higher energy efficiency (eg. solar or heat pump) are compulsory.

Gas Hot Water System Costs and Pricing

The price for supply and installation costs can vary depending on your plumbing layout, size, brand preference and compliance with South Australian gas standards. We are always happy to come out for a site inspection to make sure we can provide you with the best hot water option for your home, tailored to your budget and installed to government guidelines.

Gas storage hot water systems start from $2500 installed for a decent quality unit. More expensive premium models can be $3000+. Tankless gas systems are usually cheaper, starting from $1500 installed for straight swap overs up to $2800+ for premium brands.

Operating costs for gas storage tanks are in general higher compared to gas instantaneous. Most gas hot water systems have a 5-6 star energy rating, which makes them a lot more efficient than electric hot water heaters.

Eco-friendly Practices: The Sustainability Aspect of Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems can be more eco-friendly compared to electric systems. They are generally more energy-efficient, especially instantaneous systems that eliminate standby heat loss. This efficiency can translate into lower greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to sustainability. In Australia, domestic hot water use accounts for a significant portion of residential greenhouse gas emissions, so choosing an efficient gas hot water system can have a positive impact on the environment

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