Hot Water systems

HotwaterTek, based in Adelaide, is a specialist provider of Rheem Hot Water Systems, a brand celebrated for reliability and advanced technology.

Rheem offers a diverse range of hot water solutions, and HotwaterTek is committed to supplying and installing these premium products for Adelaide residents.

Choosing HotwaterTek for your Rheem Hot Water System in Adelaide means you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience from selection to installation.

Rheem Hot Water Systems are designed for efficiency and longevity, with options including electric, gas, solar, and heat pump systems to cater to the unique needs of every household. For smaller residences, Rheem provides compact units that efficiently deliver hot water on demand. For larger households, Rheem’s high-capacity systems ensure a consistent supply of hot water, even during peak usage times.

For expert advice and assistance in selecting and installing Rheem Hot Water Systems in Adelaide, reach out to HotwaterTek today.

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Rheem Metro Max 16-26L Natural Gas Or LPG 50/60 Degree Continuous Flow Hot Water System 6-Star Rating For 1-5 Person Household

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDHeat ExchangerParts/Labour
Rheem 16L$950 520 355 187103
Rheem 20L$1050 520 355 188103
Rheem 26L$1150 520 355 188103
ItemRheem 16LRheem 20LRheem 26L
Price From ($)$950$1050$1100
H 520 520 520
W 355 355 355
D 187 188 188
Heat Exchanger101010

Rheem Stellar 5 Star 130-160L Natural Gas Hot Water Storage System Suitable For 2-5 Person Household

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Rheem Stellar 130L$19001600485558101
Rheem Stellar 160L$20601900485558101
ItemRheem Stellar 130LRheem Stellar 160L
Price From ($)$1900$2060

Rheem 50-250L 3.6kW Single Element Internal / External Electric Hot Water System Suitable For 1-5 Person Household Or Business

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Rheem 25L $613 390 385 420 7 1
Rheem 50L $680 695 400 436 7 1
Rheem 80L$1000945480496121
Rheem 125L$11501340480515121
Rheem 160L$13401610480515121
Rheem 250L$14601395640680121
Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel 250L $1865 1440 625 630 12 1
ItemRheem 25LRheem 50LRheem 80LRheem 125LRheem 160LRheem 250LRheem Stellar Stainless Steel 250L
Price From ($) $613 $680$1000$1150$1340$1460 $1865
H 390 695945134016101395 1440
W 385 400480480480640 625
D 420 436496515515680 630
Cylinder 7 712121212 12
Parts/Labour 1 11111 1

For reliable and efficient hot water systems in Adelaide, Rheem and HotwaterTek offer a combination of quality products and expert services, ensuring residents have a hot water system tailored to their needs, backed by professional support.

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