The Benefits Of Having Natural Gas Installed At Your Home

Having Natural gas is always an advantage for Adelaide homeowners. Gas comes at a cheaper price compared to electricity with lower emissions. It’s also a convenient and useful choice when it comes to cooking and family Barbeques as well as running hot water and winter heating. Gas operated appliances are proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are efficient and responsive in their usage.

In Australia natural gas is the fastest growing sector of the energy industry and this trend will continue and see greater use in the future. This is because Natural gas has a range of benefits great for the environment and your home.

Environmental Benefits With Natural Gas

Adelaide homeowners can benefit from much lower natural gas emissions compared to electricity generated from coal. A gas hot water system can provide instant hot water, with up to 83% less carbon emissions than an equivalent electric hot water system. Of course, the cleanest hot water option is still solar energy, but what about when the sun is not shining?

Natural gas always provides a low carbon solution and can even be used in combination with solar hot water as a booster on cloudy days. A combination of solar panels and gas appliances is the most practical and cost-effective way for Adelaide households to power their home and achieve the low carbon emissions.

On top of being an environmentally friendly source of energy and producing less carbon emissions, natural gas is more cost effective than electricity and will save your household money.

Benefits For Your Home

  • Natural gas is reliable and convenient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheaper than electricity
  • Full control of your gas appliances
  • Gas cooking provides superior performance needed for your daily cooking or entertainment
  • Natural gas heating is an efficient and effective solution for your home
  • Outdoor BBQ’s and kitchen can be connected to natural gas
  • Gas hot water is efficient and on point, it will heat your water instantly whenever you need it

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