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At HotwaterTek Adelaide, we specialise in prompt and reliable hot water system installations across all Adelaide suburbs.

Our licensed plumbers and gas fitters can have your old unit removed with a new efficient system installed quickly and reliably.

It’s easy to forget how important access to running hot water is to our daily lives until it stops working. When you’re facing a problem with your hot water system, get in touch with our expert team to discuss how we can help and get your hot water flowing again as quickly as possible.

At HotwaterTek, We Offer A Comprehensive Hot Water System Installation Service For Adelaide Households.

Our full-service approach encompasses a detailed inspection of your existing system, provides tailored recommendations for a new system, ensures safe removal of your old setup, and expertly installs your new one. Moreover, our commitment doesn’t end there,  we also carry out follow-up services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Should you have a new hot water system arriving shortly, or one ready for installation, give us a call today. We can schedule a convenient time for our team of expert technicians to carry out the installation. We ensure expert services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Choosing Which Hot Water System To Install

Choosing a hot water system requires careful consideration of various factors such as energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and how much hot water you use daily. Our service allows you to choose the system that best suits your home and lifestyle. Our technicians are experts in installing a wide range of hot water systems, including heat pumps, electric, gas, solar, storage and instantaneous hot water systems.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Also known as tankless water heaters or continuously flow system, heat water on demand eliminates the need for a storage tank. They are more energy efficient than a gas storage tank and we would recommend upgrading if your home meets the requirements to operate an instantaneous gas system. We can provide expert advice to help you decide if they are the best option for your home.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pumps are another excellent choice, these systems work much like a refrigerator but in reverse. They transfer the heat in the air outside the unit to the water stored inside the heater through a heat exchange system. While they significantly reduce energy usage, they have a higher upfront cost. However, they offer considerable savings over time due to their energy efficiency and low operating costs and government rebates are available to lower greenhouse emission.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Are another popular option for supplying hot water. These systems use electricity to heat the water and typically consist of a storage tank where hot water is kept until needed. Electric hot water systems are known for their reliability and ease of installation. However, they might not be as energy-efficient as gas or instantaneous systems, and their operating costs are significantly higher.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Harness the sun and convert it into energy to heat the water. Not only do these systems significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they also cut down on energy bills, making them a cost-effective option over the long term. However, the initial installation is higher, but government incentives and rebates are available to offset these expenses

Your choice of hot water system in Adelaide will be based on a range of factors such as the local climate, your hot water usage, available space for installation, and your budget.

Solar and heat pump systems are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run, while gas systems offer instant hot water and are a good fit for homes with high hot water demand.

We offer expert advice so you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Our Installation Process

We make installing a new system simple and stress-free:

We assess your needs and recommend the optimal system
Schedule a convenient installation date
New system delivered at your convenience
Remove old system, install new per specifications
Work area left clean and tidy
Ensure proper operation and no leaks
Review warranty and operating manual
Follow up
We’ll give you a call in the following days

Hot Water System Brands We Supply & Install

Reliable Ongoing

Nothing is more frustrating than starting your day with a malfunctioning hot water system. Besides hot water installations, our service includes prompt emergency repairs and replacements. This means, should your hot water system falter, our skilled technicians are just a call away and can rectify the issue within the same day.

Hot Water System Installations In Adelaide FAQs

Every house and hot water needs are different. New installations can start from $1500 supplied and installed but to provide an accurate estimate a site inspection or phone consult would be necessary.

Please never try to do it yourself. A qualified plumber or gas fitter is required by law to replace a hot water system.

Most water heaters are installed outside the house these days, we would come out for a site inspection to make sure your hot water system will be installed in the most suitable spot at your house.

Hot Water System Installation

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