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HotwaterTek in Adelaide is a dedicated specialist in Dux Hot Water Systems, expertly supplying and installing for various household needs.

Dux is recognized for its reliable and innovative hot water solutions, offering a broad selection designed for efficiency and durability.
Whether you need electric, gas, solar, or heat pump hot water systems, Dux has a product tailored for Adelaide residents. 

Choosing HotwaterTek for Dux Hot Water Systems in Adelaide guarantees a smooth experience from selection to installation.

Our knowledgeable team assists in picking the right Dux system for your home, offering advice to optimize performance and longevity. With Dux’s superior products and HotwaterTek’s expertise, Adelaide residents receive efficient, durable solutions meeting their specific needs.

Contact HotwaterTek today for professional guidance on choosing and installing the ideal Dux Hot Water System in Adelaide, tailored to your lifestyle and requirements.

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Dux Prodigy 5 Star 135L Natural Gas Hot Water System Suitable For 2-4 People Household & Dux Prodigy 5 Star 170L Natural Gas Hot Water System Suitable For 3-5 Person Household

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Dux Prodigy 135L$17701600422522101
Dux Prodigy 170L$19001900500522101
ItemDux Prodigy 135LDux Prodigy 170L
Price From ($)$1770$1900

Dux Always Hot From 17-32L Natural Gas 50 Degree Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems Condensing Suitable For 1-8 Person Household Depending On System Size

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDHeat Exchanger
Dux 17L$820520350170123
Dux 21L$850520350170123
Dux 26L$1420520350170123
Dux 32L$2590615464240123
ItemDux 17LDux 21LDux 26LDux 32L
Price From ($)$820$850$1420$2590
Heat Exchanger12121212

Dux Proflo 25-50L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System Suitable For 1-2 Person Household Or BusinessSmall

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Dux 25L$61045540540571
Dux 50L$68067040540571
ItemDux 25LDux 50L
Price From ($)$610$680

Dux Proflo Electric Single Element 80- 250L 3.6kW Suitable For 2-5 Person Household Or Business

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Dux Proflo 80L$1000 925 – 490103
Dux Proflo 125L$1145 1090 – 530103
Dux Proflo 160L$1200 1315 – 530103
Dux Proflo 250L$1400 1145 – 620103
ItemDux Proflo 80LDux Proflo 125LDux Proflo 160LDux Proflo 250L
Price From ($)$1000$1145$1200$1400
H 925 1090 1315 1145
W – – – –
D 490 530 530 620

For reliable and efficient hot water systems in Adelaide, Dux and HotwaterTek offer a combination of quality products and expert services, ensuring residents have a hot water system tailored to their needs, backed by professional support.

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