Everhot hot water systems

Everhot, backed by Rheem since 1987, is a trusted Australian brand offering a wide range of efficient hot water systems.

With options including Electric and Gas Storage Water Heaters, Everhot caters to various household needs, providing reliable hot water solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Everhot stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation, offering up to a 10-year warranty on selected products.

In Adelaide, HotwaterTek is a specialist provider of Everhot products, supplying and installing these top-tier hot water systems efficiently.

With HotwaterTek, Adelaide residents can access Everhot’s reliable, innovative, and cost-effective hot water solutions seamlessly.

Trust in the expertise and experience of HotwaterTek to guide you in selecting and installing your Everhtot hot water system, ensuring efficient and reliable hot water service for your property.

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Everhot 272 5 Star 130L Natural Gas Hot Water System And Everhot 302 5 Star 160L Natural Gas Hot Water Systems Suitable For 2-5 Person Household

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Everhot 130L$16301600490556101
Everhot 1740$17401900490556101
ItemEverhot 130LEverhot 1740
Price From ($)$1630$1740

Everhot 50-250L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System Suitable For 1-5 Person Household

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Everhot 50L$56569540043671
Everhot 80L$930875460496101
Everhot 120L$10451250480515101
Everhot 160L$11841610480515101
Everhot 250L$12401395640680101
ItemEverhot 50LEverhot 80LEverhot 120LEverhot 160LEverhot 250L
Price From ($)$565$930$1045$1184$1240

For reliable and efficient hot water systems in Adelaide, Everhot and HotwaterTek offer a combination of quality products and expert services, ensuring residents have a hot water system tailored to their needs, backed by professional support.

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