Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems in Adelaide

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In the advancing world of hot water systems, tankless water heaters, also known as continuous flow, inline, on-demand, or instant water heaters, are rapidly gaining in popularity.

As residents of Adelaide seek more efficient and sustainable ways to heat their water, these high-power systems present an excellent solution.

At HotwaterTek in Adelaide, we pride ourselves on being the go-to experts for continuous flow hot water systems. Understanding that every household and family has unique hot water needs, we are dedicated to guiding you towards the ideal system tailored just for you.

Whether you’re a small family or a busy household, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today, or enquire online, and let HotwaterTek help you find and install the perfect continuous flow hot water system.

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What Are Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems?

Continuous flow hot water systems are innovative devices that instantly heat water as it flows through them. Unlike traditional water heaters, they don’t store water in a storage tank, except for the amount present in the heat exchanger coil. This design ensures that users get hot water instantly on demand, without waiting for a tank to heat up.

Pros and Cons of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems



Types of continuous flow hot water systems

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems:

A gas-powered continuous flow or instantaneous hot water system works by using a burner to heat water as it passes through copper coils. Unlike storage tanks, this type of hot water system does not store water but heats the water on demand. Instant hot water systems work efficiently and only produce hot water when it is needed, such as when you turn on your shower. The benefit is you would never run out of hot water.

Changing from Storage to Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Considering a transition from your gas or electric storage tank to a gas continuous flow hot water system for more convenience, energy efficiency and reduced bills?

Changing from a gas or electric storage tank to a gas continuous flow system may involve extra expenses to ensure your new system operates seamlessly. This might encompass the installation of a powerpoint, a continuous flow valve kit, gas piping, and other specific requirements based on your unique setup. At HotwaterTek, transparency is our priority. We’ll provide you with a clear cost breakdown upfront and inform you about any additional components required for your specific installation, ensuring no unexpected costs.

At HotwaterTek, we offer a comprehensive range of brands and sizes tailored to your requirements. This includes the top three brands dominating the continuous flow market: Rinnai, Rheem, and Thermann.

If you’re considering a new continuous flow hot water system but are uncertain about the best fit for your household, fret not! The HotwaterTek team is at your service.

Reach out to us in Adelaide on 8123 3535 or enquire online, and we’ll guide you to the perfect continuous flow system that aligns with your lifestyle.

For all your hot water queries and needs, HotwaterTek is your go-to expert. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge across all continuous flow hot water system brands. We eagerly await your call to discuss your continuous flow hot water preferences.

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