Hot water systems

HotwaterTek is Adelaide’s trusted specialist for Rinnai Hot Water Systems, a brand celebrated for delivering superior comfort and performance.

Rinnai has been a pivotal presence in Australia since the early 1990s, introducing innovative, fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water systems that have set industry standards.

Each Rinnai system boasts precise temperature control for both safety and convenience.

Crafted with the finesse of high-quality Japanese design and manufacturing, Rinnai Hot Water Systems are synonymous with reliability and durability. Whether your household is large or small, there’s a Rinnai solution designed to provide efficient hot water without compromise.

For those residing in Adelaide and seeking a dependable hot water system, HotwaterTek provides expert consultation and installation services for Rinnai products.

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of Rinnai’s offerings and is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Trust HotwaterTek to bring the excellence of Rinnai into your Adelaide home.

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Rinnai Hotflo 50-250L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System Suitable for 1-5 Person Household Or Business

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Rinnai 50L$675 694 –415101
Rinnai 80L$994 900 –515101
Rinnai 125L$1151 1313 – 537101
Rinnai 160L$1025 1620 –500101
Rinnai 250L$1200 1477 –605101
ItemRinnai 50LRinnai 80LRinnai 125LRinnai 160LRinnai 250L
Price From ($)$675$994 $1151$1025$1200
H (mm) 694 900 1313 1620 1477
W (mm)     
D (mm)415515 537605605

Rinnai 16-26L 50/60 50/60 Degree Continuous Flow Hot Water System Available In Natural Gas Or LPG Suitable for 1-5 Person Household Or Business

ProductDimensions (mm)Manufacturer Warranties (yrs)
ItemPrice From ($)HWDCylinderParts/Labour
Rinnai 16L$1060530350194103
Rinnai 20L$1150530350194103
Rinnai 26L$1195530350194103
Rinnai Infinity 16L$1300530350202123
Rinnai Infinity 20L$1448571356202123
Rinnai Infinity 26L$1507571356202123
ItemRinnai 16LRinnai 20LRinnai 26LRinnai Infinity 16LRinnai Infinity 20LRinnai Infinity 26L
Price From ($)$1060$1150$1195$1300$1448$1507
H (mm)530530530530571571
W (mm)350350350350356356
D (mm)194194194202202202

For reliable and efficient hot water systems in Adelaide, Rinnai and HotwaterTek offer a combination of quality products and expert services, ensuring residents have a hot water system tailored to their needs, backed by professional support.

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